Governor Bobby Jindal has decided to join the Speaker of the Louisiana House, Charles Kleckley and Louisiana State Police Superintendent, Colonel Mike Edmonson on a trip to Texas.

The three are visiting McAllen, Texas for a security briefing and tour by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The purpose is to discuss border security issues that affect Louisiana.

"Beyond my role as Speaker of the House, I represent the people who reside in southwest Louisiana which is the first area of our state to be impacted by the criminal element entering Louisiana from Mexico by way of Texas," Kleckley said.

"I am committed to making sure that we at the state Capitol remain informed and take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our citizens." 

This will be Edmonson's second trip to McAllen.

"Whether it is illegal drugs, illegal weapons or undocumented immigrants, Louisiana is affected by security issues at the Mexico border," Edmonson said. 

"We continue to enjoy a strong partnership with our counterparts at Texas DPS who play a critical role in providing us intelligence and situational awareness with regards to border security issues."  

In addition to the briefing, the officials take an air and marine tour of the border.