Lunjeal Music Group/Malaco Music Group (available on iTunes August 12)

“It’s Gonna Happen” is the latest single from the seventeen-year-old from the Mid-South who brought you “Greater is Coming” and “They Said, But God Said.”

In a chirpy vibrato that evokes the pre-teen Tanya Tucker, Jekalyn delivers a ballad of faith that good things will happen because God said they will. It’s the wisdom not of the aged but of youthful optimism and a steadfast belief in the substance of things not seen.

Jekalyn first came to national attention when she sang “Amazing Grace” in the 2010 documentary Rejoice and Shout. Since then, she has hit the Billboard chart with “Greater is Coming” and signed with Malaco Records. While not as powerful a performance as “Greater,” though similar in theme, “It’s Gonna Happen” has plenty of radio potential.  The song is the title track of her forthcoming album.