From the TDNEET Enterprises CD Miracle (2010)

Wilson’s body swaying and finger-popping single, “Miracle,” is an encouragement that “your miracle is on the way.”  Evoking the premise of the "Footprints" poem, she sings, “He was working it out for you” on “those nights you cried and you felt all alone.”

The North Carolina native sings heart and soul into what appears to be her personal testimony.  In February 2011, the same year that “Miracle” was released, Wilson won the National Anthem Sing Off.  She was featured on to kick off the Super Bowl XLV Pre-Game Party and featured on the Fox & Friends morning show in New York City, where she performed the National Anthem live. 

Wilson says, “I thank God for all my struggles, for it was those times that made me the woman I am today.  I am a testimony of how God can turn things around in your life for the good.”