Ms. Shirley Temple Black – loved her!!!  I loved her movies.  She was

The most popular star probably of all time…. Well that’s my take on it!

: )  I still love watching those movies and was hoping one of my children would buy a few for me for Christmas.


Quite frankly she was ‘grown up’ for her age and did a fabulous job.

She was quite an entertainer.  She retired at 22 years old.  Can you believe it?  Getting a gig became more difficult as she got older, although I saw


A film where she was a teen and she did well and was beautiful.  I guess

The directors and producers wanted sexy and perhaps she was not willing to go there.  The world shall remember her as chaste, kind, sweet, ultra-


Talented – unlike the child star of these days who grew up and went

TWIRKIN’ crazy.  How will the world remember her – ugh!

Shirley Temple went on to become a diplomat – a noble assignment.  She did well, lived long and lives on in our hearts.  She was 85 years old.