North Carolina Couple Pulled Over For Speeding, Officer Helps Deliver Baby

A North Carolina couple has found a great way to get out of a speeding ticket, but fair warning, it'll take a sizeable investment of your time and energy. 

At first, Laura and Jimmy Baker were only going to the hospital so the expectant mother could check on some contractions she was experiencing. However, just ten minutes into their drive, Laura suddenly went into labor. 

"I said, 'I cannot control this, we're not going to make it there,'" Laura Baker told WSOC-TV.

As the couple raced to the hospital, Jimmy spotted Sgt. Brian Maynard's patrol car, and attempted to get the trooper's attention any way he could, by speeding and flicking his lights. 

"As soon as we pulled over, my water broke," Laura said. "And my husband jumped out with his arms up, saying, 'My wife's in labor and I really need help.'"

Hearing this, the 15-year veteran Sergeant sprang into action, to help deliver the healthy baby girl. 

The highway patrolman's dashcam video caught the strange scene on the side of Highway 64 with cars speeding past the growing family. 

"I said, “OK, well, we're going to do this right here, me and you,’” Maynard said. “I contacted (emergency medical service), got them on the way, grabbed my gloves, blanket. It was interesting. It was scary.”

Once the EMS team arrived, everyone quickly realized that they wouldn't be able to get Laura on a stretcher. So, she went ahead and delivered the newborn in the front seat of the van. 

The baby, named Halyn was taken to a local hospital where father Jimmy says his wife and the newborn are doing well. 

For his part, Maynard said he plans to stay in touch with the family. 

"For so many years, I've seen a lot of death," Maynard said. "To be a part of the process that actually brings a life into this world is absolutely amazing."

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