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‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 15

‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 15: ‘What’s Done in the Dark…’

Just as soon as one secret and story unfolds – the silhouette of another one is silently lurking in the background, waiting for an opportunity to emerge from the darkness. But until that happens, let’s focus on the secrets that are exposed in episode 15 – “Two By Two.”

Bishop Greenleaf (Keith David) is suspicious of Lady Mae’s (Lynn Whitfield) relationship with Lionel (Tim Reid) after his departure from their home last week, but he’s saying nothing about it for now. He carries on with family business and church business as usual. While at the church office preparing his Sunday sermon, he receives a visit from none other than Rochelle (LeToya Luckett.)

She drops by Bishop’s office to deliver another large check. She tells him about her recent visit to the doctors’ office for her five-month breast cancer checkup, and they have since called her back in for a follow-up. She says they want to meet with her in person which is a clear sign that something is wrong. Bishop consoles her by accompanying her to the appointment. While there, Rochelle receives great news that she is cancer-free. She does however have some kidney concerns that the doctors want to keep a close eye on, which is why they wanted to see her again in person.

Meanwhile, Lady Mae’s keeping a close eye on Rochelle, especially after she stops by Bishop’s office to find that he’s not there because he’s out with Ms. Cross. Lady Mae is a little panic-stricken by his absence, as  she already detects the Bishop’s distance and the turmoil developing in their marriage. And she’s not the only one – Grace (Merle Dandridge) sees it too. She asks her mother if everything is alright between she and the bishop and Lady Mae tells her no, but at the moment she has other things to handle.

One of those things to handle is finding a way to keep Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) home with her baby and off the road. She finds a way to do just that when she is informed that their housekeeper Maricel (Vickie Eng) has a family emergency. Her husband is in the hospital so she won’t be able to travel with Charity on the road to care for baby Nathan while she sings background for Tamela Mann.

Not only is Maricel’s husband extremely sick but he’s also an undocumented immigrant, which is why he delayed going to the hospital to get treatment in the first place. Lady Mae asks Grace to help,  but tells Charity the answer is “no” to taking the gig on the road.

But Bishop and Gigi are  ready to step in for a couple of weeks to take care of the baby and help Charity pursue this opportunity of a lifetime. Bishop puts his foot down and tells Lady Mae that Charity will be going on tour. When Lady Mae asks who will fill in as director of the music ministry in Charity’s absence, Bishop tells her that he’s bringing Carlton (Parnell Damone Marcano) back.

Bishop visits Carlton at his home to ask him to return to Cavalry but Carlton declines, remembering how he was treated at Calvary and in the church for being a gay man. But Bishop convinces Carlton that together they can change Cavalry into a more  inclusive church and change the world while they’re at it.

Meanwhile, Jacob Greenleaf (Lamman Rucker) is over at of Triumph dealing with his own issues as the new pastor. He receives a visit from Deputy Mayor Skip Leonard (Arnell Powell) who plans to run for Mayor and was counting on Basie Skanks’ support before he disappeared. With Basie gone, he wants Jacob to step in and endorse him in front of the public and congregation.

Skip tells Jacob that showing his support will come with benefits – financial benefits. Jacob sees the newly acquired cash flow from Skip as an opportunity to move forward with busing in the homeless members from his outdoor church. He presents the proposal to the church clergy and everyone except the church treasurer, Sister Britney Weaver (Dreah Marie), is on board.

During Sunday’s service Jacob discloses the amount that Deputy Mayor Skip pledges to award the church – $75 thousand dollars. This seems to quiet Sister Weaver for now.

Meanwhile, Kerissa Greenleaf (Kim Hawthorne) is finally taking notice that there’s something going on with Zora (Lovie Simone) One of her teachers calls to inform Kerissa that Zora has been acting very distant in class lately – not participating or actively engaging in class discussions as she used to do.

When Kerissa asks Zora if everything is OK,  of course, she lies and says yes. Kerissa tells  Jacob about Zora’s behavior and he suggests that maybe Zora is doing drugs. With this suspicion in mind, Kerissa searches through Zora’s room and her things. She doesn’t find any drugs,  but  she does find a condom.

This discovery leads to an intense mother/ daughter conversation. Kerissa tells her that having sex at such a young age is irresponsible and that she should wait until she’s married so that men will respect her – just as Jacob respected Kerissa’s decision to wait. Zora sarcastically questioned her father’s respect for her mother and at that point – SMACK!  Kerissa apologizes but suggests that Zora read Corinthians Chapter 7.

QUOTABLE: “There’s a lot of sex to be had but it’s never a measure of a woman’s worth.” – Kim Greenleaf

Inother mother daughter news, Grace wants her daughter Sophia (Desiree Ross) to get know Darius (Rick Fox) a little better so they all decide to have dinner together at her family’s home. Bishop’s discontent with Lady Mae is now increasingly obvious. During dinner, after Darius tells the story of how his parents died days apart from one another, Bishop states how incredible it must be to have that type of connection with someone but, he and Lady Mae have become disconnected and their marriage is suffering.

Bishop finally confronts Lady Mae about her affair with Lionel. She admits that she only began an affair with him to mask her pain after finding out about his one-night affair with her sister. Bishop says he came clean immediately after that happened but, Lady Mae and Lionel both chose to keep this a secret from him for years. At this point, he isn’t sure where he stands in his marriage.

Tasha (Asia’h Epperson) gets a phone call from Basie who won’t say where he is or when he’s returning but tells her  he loves her. She asks where he is but he doesn’t answer. He does tell her that the Greenleafs conned them out of their church and killed his father. He has plans for revenge but for now, he wants Tasha to make them pay and she agrees to his instructions. But behind Skanks we see a silhouette of a mysterious man. Basie hangs up the phone before we see who it is. What’s going on?

Maybe we’ll find out next week.

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