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‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2 Finale

‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2 Finale: There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Greenleaf

Bishop Greenleaf (Keith David) is not playing around with Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield.) Ever since the secret of her past affair with Lionel Jeffries (Tim Reid) came out, Bishop has been setting boundaries.

He is busy creating space between him and Lady by having Maricel (Vickie Eng) pack up his clothes from the master suite closet and move them to the guest suite. The tension between the two is obvious.

Lady Mae’s isolation dredges up memories of her late brother Mack. She begins sifting through some of his personal belongings and finds a document that could be beneficial to her sister Mavis (Oprah Winfrey.) She’s been M.I.A. for quite some time now and this document could help mend their broken relationship. Lady Mae’s prior attempts to reach out to Mavis all failed – until now.

She’s back and finally returning phone calls. Lady Mae tells her she found a document that lists Mavis as the rightful owner of the club. Unfortunately, Mavis is not receptive to this olive branch.

She tells Lady Mae that she’s making plans to move to Sweden to open up a new club – a blues club, so she can give the document to Gigi (Merle Dandridge.) Mae wants to have a sisterly talk but she’s not interested in discussing the death of their father nor their brother.

Mae takes the hint but before leaving, she tells Mavis that she forgives her for that one night spent with her husband. Mavis is not looking for her forgiveness. She tells her that Bishop lied when he said it was only one night. In fact, there were many nights spent together with her husband. She then tells her that Bishop never really loved her. He only married her because she fits the image of what he wants for his church and his family. This information doesn’t sit well with Mae.

Meanwhile, Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) is out on the road enjoying life as a back-up singer for Tamela Mann, and getting real close to Jabari (Sean Dominic) in the process.

In her absence, Kevin (Tye White) returns to the Greenleaf family home.

Though Charity is not there, Lady Mae is and she steps right on in to listen to what Kevin has to say. He tells her how he was having a difficult time accepting himself as a gay man but he’s ready to be a father again. Lady Mae is particularly feeling that, but she agrees to pass along the message to Charity on his behalf.

But Kevin puts Lady Mae in her place and tells her that he’s still Nathan’s father and he has rights. Mae challenges him to take his case to court when it will be revealed that he abandoned his son, even if temporarily. She then asks him to leave. Fortunately, he has Aaron (William H. Bryant Jr.) who can provide legal and emotional support.

Charity and Jabari’s romance is heating up on the road. The two spend an evening together and it looks like she’s prepared to take things further. Although it’s unclear if they are sharing a room, when she comes out in a nightie, it’s clear what she wants. And given her situation with Kevin, she’s due.

As Alicia Keys and Maxwell’s “Fire We Make” plays softly in the background, the two become more acquainted. But Charity is clearly uncomfortable. She’s never been with another man aside from Kevin. She has a C-section scar. Jabari asks to see the scar and embraces it with a kiss. Charity’s reservations are put to rest and the two finally get it poppin’. (Go Charity!)

Back in Memphis, the cotillion is happening.

The truth about Zora’s (Lovie Simone) abusive relationship with Isaiah (Roshon Fegan) finally comes out as both she and her cousin Sophia (Desiree Ross) prepare for their big night. Zora’s sleeveless cotillion gown pick shows the bruises on her arms. The sales associate notices and suggests she also purchase a wrap to conceal the bruises which she does.

At the cotillion, the Greenleaf granddaughters are stunning. Of course, Jacob (Lamman Rucker) escorts his daughter for the first dance of the evening. Bishop Greenleaf does the same for Sophia. The girls then take the hands of their dates for the remainder of the evening and this is where things go left.

As Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) and Jacob watch Zora’s elegance and beauty with pride as she dances with Isaiah, Kerissa drops the bomb on Jacob about the condom she found in Zora’s room. She tells him that they’re having sex and Jacob is stunned.

At the same time, Zora tells Isaiah that her mother knows about their sexual relationship and is limiting her free time Isaiah is angry and blames Zora both for letting them get found out and then admitting to it.

In typical Isaiah fashion, he storms out of the ballroom and Zora goes off after him. In the hallway, they begin to argue. The argument provokes a shoving match between the two and ends up with Isaiah slapping Zora right across the face. Sophia follows them out and when Isaiah hits Zora, she goes back into the ballroom and tells Jacob. Zora lies about it, but Jacob doesn’t believe her. He punches Isaiah right in the face for putting his hands on his daughter.

But instead of being angry with Isaiah, Zora is upset with her father for hitting him and she angry at Sophia for telling. After locking herself in the bathroom despite everyone trying to get her to come out, she answers Isaiah’s call. He’s sorry for hitting her, it will never happen again (blah blah blah) and then he asks her to go away with him.

Welp, you know what happens next. After the ball, when Jacob goes to check on his daughter in her room, she’s gone. This can’t be good.

Meanwhile, we knew something was up with Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett) from the moment she started on the show and we were right!!! She wants Bishop Greenleaf and she tells him so. Bishop is not shocked but he’s not interested either.

And here comes the twist – Rochelle is Basie Skanks’ (Jason Dirden) sister. Say what?

She’s a part of a BIGGER plan to get back at Bishop – Basie’s plan. They both want revenge on Bishop. But not just him – the entire Greenleaf family.

And Bishop may have just walked right into her little trap with the help of Lady Mae. When Mae gets home from her visit with Mavis she tells Bishop to get the hell out. What happened between he and Mavis happened on more than one occasion which is not what he told her. Now he’s got to go. Sheesh, can’t they just call it even at this point?

Bishop does leave, although isn’t that house big enough that he could just have stayed in the guest suite? And where does he go? Right into the arms of another woman. The wrong woman – Rochelle Cross.

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