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Recognized on June 27th, National Sunglasses Day is an annual commemorative campaign brought to you by The Vision Council celebrating sunnies and sharing the importance of UVeyeprotection. National Sunglasses Day reminds everyone that wearing sunglasses is not only fashionable and fun, but also a health necessity to protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

During National Sunglasses Day and throughout the year, about the potentially harmful effects of unprotected UVeye exposure. The Vision Council offers vital information including the latest facts, studies, and tips to help protect one’s eyes without sacrificing style, and how to incorporate popular fashion trends into one’s eyewear wardrobe!

Everyone is encouraged to celebrate National Sunglasses Day by wearing their favorite pair of sunnies and sharing a photo on social media on June 27th using the official campaign hashtags #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie.


Join the movement that reached more than 900 million last year by sharing a #SunglassSelfie on #NationalSunglassesDay! Celebrated on June 27th, The Vision Council wants you to share your favorite pair of sunnies to help spread awareness about protecting the eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

For more information, visit NationalSunglassesDay.com.


The Vision Council has supported National Sunglasses Day since 2014 to promote the importance of UV eye protection, and the eyewear and lens solutions to shield the eyes from the potentially harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. For more information about The Vision Council, visit TheVisionCouncil.org.

The campaign has continued annually in conjunction with National Sunglasses Day.

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 National Sunglasses Day has been celebrated since at least 2009.

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