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National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day (also referred to as Sibling Day) is observed on April 10.It is a day created to honor our brothers and our sisters.

Siblings. They are sometimes our best friends or our worst enemies. At times, siblings will provide us with our biggest competition, strongest encouragement and remind us of our most embarrassing moments.

Fictional characters describe those siblings best who are both rivals and yet are best friends. In The Hunger Games, Katniss puts her life on the line to save her sister Prim. Both Bo and Luke Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard risked their lives for each other. Author Beverly Cleary’s Beezus and Ramona’s longtime love-hate relationship between siblings depicted a normal childhood filled with angst.

Real life royal siblings Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret had a different set of rules to follow making their relationship quite different from anything we would call normal. Being a queen will do that.

Queen Elizabeth’s grandsons, Princes William and Harry and William’s children, too have royal sibling relationships that engage the world.

Playing fictional characters who are siblings and being siblings in front of a television audience must have created a different lifestyle for Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. Their older sister is Elizabeth.

Another pair of sibling actors is Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty.

There have been plenty of presidents with siblings as well. George W. Bush has five siblings and William Jefferson Clinton has three.

How many siblings do you have? Are you rivals or do you support each other in all you do?


Spend some time with your sibling(s).Enjoy looking at photos and videos of time spent with your sibling(s).Play a song or two from the 35 Best Sister Songs list.Use #NationalSiblingsDay to post on social media.


National Siblings Day was founded by native New Yorker, Claudia Evart in 1995 to honor and celebrate siblings.After losing her two siblings early in life in separate accidents, she knew how important siblings could be in our lives.

Claudia created the Siblings Day Foundation (SDF), a tax-exempt organization, whose goals included the establishment of National Siblings Day.Claudia selected April 10 in honor of her late sister, Lisette’s birthday.Visit the website for more National Siblings Day information at http://www.siblingsday.org/

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