This Restaurant Has The Best Margaritas In Louisiana

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When you think of popular cocktails, look no further than a margarita. Always delicious and endlessly customizable, margaritas are a great companion to dinner or as a happy hour treat. Eat This, Not That! knows how important a good marg can be, so it compiled a list of the best each state has to offer. According to the site:

"...What's great about margaritas is there are so many variations. You can jazz them up with fruit, spice them up with jalapeños, and even lend a savory note with cucumber and basil. There really is something for everyone."

So where can you find the best margaritas in Louisiana?

The Velvet Cactus

This New Orleans eatery has lots of tasty food to order, but the margaritas are a must-try when you stop in. From classics like the original rocks and Velvet Cactus Top Shelf to cucumber orange, pineapple cilantro and even the seasonal margs like pomegranate and apple cider, there is something for everyone to enjoy responsbily!

The Velvet Cactus is located at 6300 Argonne Boulevard in New Orleans.

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say:

"With a margarita menu that changes by the seasons, sit outside on the buzzy patio and sip flavor blends like coconut, mango, and habanero."

Check out Eat This, Not That!'s full list to see where you can find the best margaritas around the country.

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