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‘Queen Sugar’ Episode Recap: ‘Daddy’s Blues’

‘Queen Sugar’ Episode Recap: ‘Daddy’s Blues’

Seven episodes in and it’s finally happened. In “I Know My Soul” Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) finally tells his sisters that his father, Ernest (Glynn Turman) created a handwritten will that left the farm to him. Oh, boy. This week’s episode starts immediately where the last one left off, with the sisters and Ralph Angel going back and forth with each other and poor Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) caught in the middle.

Nova, (Rutina Wesley) the oldest and the one we now see is always most likely to escalate, is angry not just with Ralph Angel, but with her father, who she feels judged her life choices. Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) feels used and played and still doesn’t think Ralph Angel is ready to run the farm. Darla (Bianca Lawson) is caught in the middle between her man and her job.

Siriboe has this season on lock so far, as he grows as an actor. I knew he was excelling in the role as I spent most of this episode wanting to choke him. Since I’ve met Kofi and he’s a sweetheart (and just as fine in person) I can safely say he’s inhaling the character right now. Ralph Angel’s anger, resentment and stubborn stupidity are on full display this episode. He thinks a few classes at LSU can help him be a full-time farmer? Hmmm, if his father, who was farming for years, was struggling, how does he think he can do it alone?

Charley is in her feelings, too. She tells Aunt Vi that nobody thinks she needs any help and thanks her for being there during her summers on the farm, where we find out that her father didn’t even have a room for her. Charley may be strong, but she needs someone to take care of her sometimes, too.

Nova goes nosing around and finds out that Aunt Vi used to own the farm with Ernest. But she sold her interest when she was married to Uncle Jimmy, the good-looking but no good man she took up with at 17 and married. We find out that she and Ernest stopped talking for a while, but when he found out Uncle Jimmy was beating on his sister, a little fishing trip took care of that and Uncle Jimmy moved out. What Aunt Vi wants Nova to remember is that family comes first, no matter what.

Letter or nah, Charley still runs things. She needs Darla to handle some business at the mill. A farmer needs to execute a mill contract so he can grind his sugar. Darla, who has common sense when she needs to, is ready to hop to it, because Charley’s still her boss. But she has to go through Ralph Angel’s simple ass, who forbids her to go back to work.

Darla might be a recovering addict, but she’s no dummy or pushover. Her sobriety and her pocketbook are now dependent on Charley. She and Ralph Angel have a tense conversation where he accuses her of being on his sister’s side. She lets him know she’s on her family’s side, which includes him. They need the money and she needs the job. Is it me or does Darla get downright feisty sometimes?

There’s so much more to her than we’ve yet seen. But we’re sorry Ralph Angel won’t be cooking her any more breakfast any time soon. That chile needs to eat. Maybe her thinness is part of her vampire pact, cause that woman barely looks 27, much less her actual age of 38. Yes, Bianca Lawson is 38 years old. Share with us your vampire ways, Ms. Lawson.

Darla does go to work, and while there she runs across Remy (Dondre Whitfield) who sees her wiping her eyes and nose. Oh, boy, you know what that might mean. Let’s just hope she was crying. Don’t let that damn Ralph Angel trigger you.

Charley is certainly dealing with some vampires who are sucking away at her spirit. First, its soon to be ex-hubby Davis (Timon Kyle Durrett) who arrives at the mill with a housewarming gift for Charley. It’s an ice-cream maker he talked he out of buying years ago. It could be a sweet moment, until Charley tell him she’s including their divorce in her magazine interview. Davis isn’t feeling that and although he has some nerve, she could have told him beforehand. After all, she’s using his money to front the mill.

Remy must be getting tired of being on the sideline because he comes in to talk to Charley and while at first she thinks it’s a lovely visit, but Remy wants her to know he thinks that she’s calculating. I think he’s just mad because she’s not divorced yet, and he’s in limbo. To her credit, she ushers him out the door real quick, as he deserved.

Nova decides to get away from it all with the doctor in Atlanta. So she packs up and is heading out-of-town. Good move, there’s too much drama at home.

Now that Ralph Angel has put everything out in the open, he’s got a least one person in his corner – Hollywood (Omar Dorsey). Not only are we glad to see him back in Aunt Vi’s life, we’re glad to see him back in Ralph Angel’s life. A few beers in the sun and a some brotherly advice to let things cool off and the episode is over. But not the conflict.

In other Queen Sugar news, Ava Duvernay has signed a creative deal with OWN and the show has been renewed for a third season! Yay!!! And we get an interesting tidbit about some new characters showing up in the upcoming episodes this season – Veteran actress Beverly Todd will play a New Orleans activist. Darla’s parents will finally be revealed and they’ll be played by Michael Michele and Roger Guenveur Smith.

OK, so by the actor’s complexion alone are we figuring that the parents are some hoity toity Creole family? We already pretty much know that Darla was the good daughter whose downfall precipitated a family rift. So how did she hook up with bad boy Ralph Angel? Guess we’ll soon find out. And with Smith in the picture,  we know this will be fun.

Back next week, Sugar babies. What did you think of this week’s episode?

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