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‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12

‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12: ‘There’s More to The Story’

The Greenleafs have been busy tackling some heavy issues going on in their lives and in the church. Homosexuality, infidelity and secrets that are being kept quiet (for now) continue to rip through this family causing loved ones to take opposing sides while they try to figure things out.

This especially applies to Grace “Gigi” Greenleaf, (Merle Dandridge) whose new-found passion to extend her loving hand to the ostracized homosexual community is really driving a wedge between her and her father.

Gigi and Bishop Greenleaf (Keith David) are not Seeing Eye to eye on whether or not homosexuals should have a place in the church. They both have taken a stand but, unfortunately that stand is on opposite sides of the fence. Bishop believes homosexuals will be “allowed” in the church only when God sees fit to make it happen himself.

Whereas Gigi believes the time is NOW for them to have a place in the church, and it’s the responsibility of the church leaders to make that happen. She and Basie Skanks (Jason Dirden) share the same vision in this movement and are both moving forward to find solutions.

Basie is using his platform on the pulpit to reach his congregation over at Triumph, and he’s extending it to the masses by teaming up with Darius Nash (Rick Fox) to cover the story. That’s exactly what happens during his Sunday sermon where he preaches from the books of Leviticus and Hebrews on what God specifies is clean and unclean, and what we shall and shall not do; yet we all fall short.

Darius is in church for this sermon taking notes, and just like that, the story ends up on the front page of his paper, and right into the hands of Bishop and Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield.)

Gigi is in full support of the article as she too is finding her own way to serve in this mission. She’s no longer Calvary’s assistant pastor but has stepped into the position of Outreach Director (OD) since Kevin, (Tye White) the former OD, is still MIA.

It’s not just Gigi’s newfound passion that’s become a problem for Bishop and Lady Mae it’s her ties to Basie and how he will use it, and her, just as he did with Jacob (Lamman Rucker) to tear their family apart. Bishop is not about to let that happen so he pays a visit to Basie, where after seeing a rough-looking guy leaving his office, he basically tells Basie he’s going to take him down.

Leave it to Lady Mae to know exactly who to go to get some inside dirt on someone. They go straight to her son. After all, Jacob did spend a lot of time with Basie when he worked at Triumph and she caught Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) looking as if she had something to say about Basie during their last dinner.

So, Bishop and Lady Mae arrange to have dinner at Jacob and Kerissa’s home where they hope to find out something useful but they come up empty-handed. Jacob and Kerissa are tight-lipped about what really happened to cause Jacob’s departure from Triumph. Though they didn’t get the information they came there for, Bishop and Lady Mae end up walking away from the dinner with some info regardless.

There are definitely problems in Jacob and Kerissa’s family and one of those problems is money – or lack thereof. Kerissa is on Jacob’s back about getting a job. They need money to get things fixed in the house and Jacob’s not making any money preaching. She tells him to use the money from the online donation fund to help pay for things around the house but he’s against it. And he doesn’t like how disrespectfully she talks to him.

In a spiritual, secure and earnest way, he lets Kerissa know that her disrespect was acceptable when he was out here in these streets creeping and cheating on her. But, now that he’s become a more devoted husband and father; totally committed to living a godlier and morally correct lifestyle – she will not continue to talk to him that way. He tells her that he’s waiting on the Lord to provide his financial means and encourages her to do the same – WAIT!

Meanwhile their daughter Zora (Lovie Simone) and her boyfriend Isaiah (Roshon Fegan) are still crossing boundaries and breaking all types of rules. She has already given up her innocence, and now she’s having Isaiah over to the house while her parents aren’t home.

But Jacob comes home early and politely, yet sternly escorts Isaiah to the front door. Jacob reminds him that he needs to be respectful of their in his household, the doors should be left open when he’s over. After Jacob puts him out of the house, Isaiah grows distant and cold toward Zora. She’s texting and calling him but he’s giving her the cold shoulder. I guess some people don’t respond too well to being put in their place. Like Kerissa, who after being put in her place by her husband, goes behind his back to meet with Bishop and Lady Mae.

She’s spilling all the tea. She tells them how Basie lost a poker game and some of Triumph’s money. And she tells them how Jacob used their entire savings account to help Basie pay off some of that debt, and in return Jacob got to keep the land they were going to use to build the new church on.  Bishop and Lady Mae have all the dirt they need to expose Basie but they still need proof. Kerissa claims she knows how to get that proof.

Meanwhile, some other messy details come out during this episode about Ms. Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett) Once again, Lady Mae knows exactly where to go to get the information that she seeks. For this one, she goes straight to Dr. Jacinta Butler (Lana Young) who’s good friends with Ms. Cross, and randomly mentions how it’s a shame to hear about what happened with Rochelle during her time with Greater Redeemer – her former church home. Rochelle said she left Greater Redeemer after a breast cancer diagnosis when her pastor didn’t check up on her.

Jacinta assumes that Lady Mae already knows what really happened and refers to the inappropriate relationship that was going on between Rochelle and the pastor. She says how unfortunate it is for the woman to always be blamed in situations like “this” when the man is just as equally responsible.

Meanwhile, Charity is still pursuing Jabari (Sean Dominic) but can’t really tell if he’s interested. She meets up with him for the first time after her sneak kiss and all they talk about is music. He brings her some equipment to write and record her songs at home so no need to come to Nashville.

H does invite her out to dinner but at the end of the night he only gives her a peck on the cheek and they still make no mention of that kiss. She thinks he could be gay or just simply not interested. We’ll see.

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