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Cedric The Entertainer Receives Star Walk Of Fame

Cedric The Entertainer Receives Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame After 30 Years In The Business

Cedric The Entertainer celebrated 30 Years in show business surrounded by close family, friends, and fans as he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored the comedian and actor on Thursday, July 19, with the well-deserved award for his work in entertainment.

Cedric the Entertainer expressed to EURweb how it felt to get his star on the walk of fame.

“On my star day, its official and it’s so great to be recognized. I’ve been doing this a long time, starting in stand-up then having the opportunity to go to television and film. Doing comedy in a little place in St Louis [and have it] take me all around the world to this moment where I got a star on the walk of fame is unique and a blessing.”

Celebrities on hand for the event included former cast mates Niecy Nash, Terri J. Vaughn, Michael Blackson, Comedian Rell and more.  Also in attendance was the cast of his New CBS show The Neighborhood, Max Greenfield, Hank Greenspan, Shawn McKinney, and  Marcel Spears.

Cedric’s friends and fellow Walk of Famers Magic Johnson and George Lopez helped to unveil the star with amazing speeches dedicated to Cedric.

EURweb correspondent Miss Conversation Piece got some quotes from those closest to Cedric to congratulate him on the award.

“Way before all the jokes, Ced and I went to college together so what I really saw in him was a good person.” -Eric Rhone, manager

It is an amazing feeling right now to see another brother that I grew up with doing stand-up get his name on a star. That just gave everybody hope, every comedian hope especially us black ones. Congratulations Cedric you have opened the doors for all of us. – Michael Blackson, Comedian

I would like to think of a word more than happy or congratulations and all that kinda stuff but I can think of nothing but I’m just tickled pink.  One of the things that I would like for you all to know is when Ced was growing up the kids in the neighborhood used to call him Hollywood so it’s come to fruition that they called him Hollywood now he is Hollywood. – Kittrell Kyles, Cedric’s Father

You know the one thing about Hollywood is that everybody comes from someplace else and you come here from Clark Gables to Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson to George Clooney and those doors are always closed at first. Your talent opens the doors. I look at myself as the unofficial mayor of Los Angeles and this man is deserving because I’ve never seen anyone that people embrace so much someone that they have never said a negative word about which is almost impossible in this industry and this time of social media. As an African American performer when you walk the streets of Hollywood Boulevard you look down and you see the people of color and they mean more to you because you know that it’s not easy to be on that sidewalk. I told him today take your wife and daughter to go there touch it and understand what it means. – George Lopez, Friend & Actor

I feel completely inspired seeing him get the star we are fortunate to be working with who we consider being two legends Tischina Arnold and Cedric the Entertainer. We’ve been watching since we were kids so watching him do this is a career path. Follow these stars right to him and follow in his footsteps and God willing this will happen.  –Sheaun McKinney, Cast member of The Neighborhood

It really makes it tangible seeing Ced get the star because I grew up watching him do what he does. Like he is brilliant and he is so generous and the fact that I get to work with him and I get to see this big milestone in his life its really inspiring and something I can hope to look forward to. – Marcel Spears, Cast member of the The Neighborhood

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