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‘Greenleaf’ Season 3, Episode 12 Recap

‘Greenleaf’ Season 3, Episode 12 Recap:  ”Pride Goeth Before A Fall”

The day of Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) has finally come and any episode with Miss Pattie Pattie – Maxine Patterson, singing is a BLESSING! And yes, she did the dang thing in this episode alongside the immensely talented Charity (Deborah Joy Winans).

What a lovely sermon it is even though so much chaos is going on with the rest of the family before the day even arrives.

Grace (Merle Dandridge) is still trying to figure out who her real daddy is. She’s agreed to take a DNA test with Aaron (William H. Bryant) since he could \ be her half brother. She takes the test and the results come back, but of course we, the viewers, are left in the dark until the next episode.

We’re also left in the dark with this standoff between Basie (Jason Dirden) and Bishop James (Keith David). Basie walks into Bishop’s office with a gun pointed straight to his head. He’s ready to send Bishop straight to hell ,but of course Bishop tries to smooth talk his way out of a tragic, premature death.

He tells Basie that he knows he’s a true man of God and the death of his father was an accident. Basie is not trying to hear what Bishop has to say and is ready to pull the trigger. But…just like that – end of episode. (They get us every time!)

Meanwhile, Basie and Rochelle (Letoya Luckett) think they have Tasha (Asia’h Epperson) scared straight and ready to do whatever they ask. But,Jacob (Lamman Rucker) and Grace have a few tricks up their sleeves too. They have their own plans to get Tasha from up under their hooks and on the Greenleaf’s side.

When Coralee calls Rochelle to meet her at her house to go over some details about her children and foster care, she shows up with Tasha in tow. Moments later, Grace and Jacob pop up and snatch Tasha up.

No words from Rochelle’s evil mouth can make Tasha leave that house and end up back in Basie’s arms, who now scares the hell out of her. Rochelle does have words for Grace.

She tells her she may come from money and think she’s all high and mighty but she knows more about her past than Grace thinks. She calls Grace a whore and tells her she knows all about what she did in Phoenix. Now all they need to do is tell US what went down in Phoenix. (Grace, what is she talking about sis?)

Jacob makes it very clear to Tasha that he’s not leaving his wife for her, and nothing will come of their relationship, but fortunately for him, Tasha is still down to do the right thing and help clear the Greenleafs.

Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) on the other hand has had it up to here with Jacob’s cheating ways.

She wants a DIVORCE!.

Jacob is finally coming to his senses and realizing just how much he loves his wife.But Kerissa feels like it’s too little, too late. She tells him she wants a divorce and before he can even respond, guess who comes walking through the door?? ZORA!!!!

Yes baby! Z (Lovie Simone) has finally come to her senses and left that stupid, abusive boy. She’s had enough of Isaiah (Roshon Fegan) and she’s ready to leave his ass. But just like many victims of domestic violence, she can’t leave without a fight – literally.

But Zora’s a smart little cookie. Before a full fight ensues she’s put him on Facebook Live and we all know he’s not about to tarnish his image for anyone. He wouldn’t dare put hands on her on a live social media feed.

She uses her brain and social media to walk straight out that door. Her cousin Sophia (Desiree Ross) comes to pick her up and just like that – Zora’s back at home. Maybe her return can help save her parents’ marriage. ‘

We shall see.

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