National Work Like A Dog Day

National Work Like A Dog Day

On August 5, National Work Like A Dog Day urges us to charge forth and meet every challenge we face. However, if you look to your dog for direction, confusion may set in.

The English language is confusing. Take, for instance, two common idioms we use in our everyday lives: “It’s a dog’s life” and “Work like a dog.”

“It’s a dog’s life” refers to dogs being able to laze around and sleep all day. Most dogs are companions. As members of our family, their biggest worry when the next vet visit is. On the other hand, “work like a dog,”suggests just the opposite. It means working to your maximum ability for an extended length of time. How can these two phrases apply to our canine companions when they mean contradictory things?

When considering the training working dogs received and the value they provided to farms and businesses, the phrase “work like a dog” becomes clear. Their obedience and loyalty rooting out rodents or securing cattle, they performed tasks with purpose. Today, military and rescue dogs receive rigorous training and work hard alongside their human counterparts.

Either way, work like a dog for the rewards of a dog’s life.


You can celebrate by either working very hard or – if you’d rather – simply by sharing on Social Media just how hard you work. Use #WorkLikeADogDay to follow on social media.


Although the origins of “Work like a dog” are not known, it most likely refers to actual working dogs. Sheepdogs and sled dogs are good examples. Since breeds like these have the instincts for certain types of work, they derive a kind of pleasure from the work they do.

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