National Blame Someone Else Day

National Blame Someone Else Day

Using superstition as an opportunity, National Blame Someone Else Day pawns off our mistakes on to other reason. It is always celebrated on the first Friday the 13th of the year.

While considering how to spend this Friday the 13th freebee, plan accordingly. We all run into a little bad luck from time to time. Occasionally a flat tire or an alarm clock sets our day on another course. At other times, someone placed in our path causes a malfunction in our day. It may be someone we know. Or, it could be a complete stranger. Either way, casting blame comes in all forms.

A co-worker, our child, a spouse – we’ve been known to throw them under the bus when we needed a scapegoat. Or perhaps they do own the blame for our lateness, stained clothing or dented car.

What about our bad behavior? A short temper that explodes in the boss’s office or a short cut we take when we run short on time – who is really to blame? Well, on this occasion, someone else is to blame. Just this once. In terms of an excuse, we can blame another. We can blame the dog, the weather or the mechanic.

Tight-fitting clothes? Blame the closet fairies. If our bank account runs low before payday, the day calls for blaming someone else. Too many happy hour drinks last night causing a headache this morning? Definitely blame someone else. Only for this one occasion, though. The rest are on you.

Go lightly into this day. If you don’t want to blame someone, blame something. It’s all in fun.

HOW TO OBSERVE #BlameSomeoneElseDay

Use #BlameSomeoneElseDay to post on social media.

Educators, visit the classroom for games and projects designed specifically for this observance.


National Blame Someone Else Day was invented by Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan in 1982. One day, her alarm clock failed to go off, hence creating a domino effect of bad luck events throughout the day.Since the day happened to be on Friday the 13th, the observance takes place on the first Friday the 13th each year.

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